Our Technology Expertise

The main technologies, programming languages, tools and frameworks we extensively use to implement your exclusive software product.


We keep pace with the times and are constantly improving our expertise in the field of web, mobile and desktop software engineering. Though we are always open to using new technologies and tools, we prefer to use the proven technology stack that was previously successfully implemented on several projects.

  • Technologies: Node.js, React.js, Vue js, Angular.js/Angular 2/4/5, Three.js, AgGrid, Ext.js, jQuery
  • Technologies: Laravel 5, Symfony, Yii 2, Zend, Phalcon, Cake PHP
  • PHP CMS: Drupal, WordPress
  • Languages: Swift, Objective-C
  • Frameworks: CoreLocation, CoreData, CoreAnimation, AVFoundation, AFNetworking, RxSwift/RxCocoa, Alamofire, WebSocket, CocoaLumberjack
  • Storages: Realm/CoreData
  • CI & CD & DevOps: fastline tools, Jenkins
  • Frameworks: Java 1.7, Android SDK
  • Software and libraries: Dagger 2, RxJava, RxBinding, StorIO, Retrofit 2, WebSoket, Lombok
  • Technologies: STRUTS, SPRING (MVC), Oracle (PL-SQL), SP, EJB, Tomcat, Weblogics, Websphere, JBoss
  • Software & libraries: Java 1.8.100 >, Spring 4 >, Hystrix, Hibernate 5 >, Maven 3 >
  • Storages & MG: PostgreSQL 9.6/MySQL 5.7, Redis
  • CI & CD & DevOps: Docker, Ansible, Consul, Jenkins, Nexus Repository