Odrex Medical

Odrex Medical


Digital transformation of the network of private multidisciplinary medical clinics

Client Background

Our client is one of the leaders in the market of medical services in Ukraine, the leading network of multidisciplinary clinics Odrex, in which several thousand patients are served daily. Odrex Medical Center has gained recognition among its clients due to highly professional doctors, modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment, its own laboratory and scientific center, high level of quality of services provided.

Business challenge

Despite the fairly steady state of affairs in the market, the Medical Center Odrex was one of the first to begin to feel the need for digital transformation. A growing flow of patients required a higher level of care and the ability to perform a multitude of administrative operations without physically resorting to the clinic. Therefore, the following tasks were set for the LineUp team, which had to be implemented in the course of the cooperation:
To optimize and automate business processes of interaction with customers
To increase clinic revenues by increasing sales, improving reputation and customer loyalty level
To reduce the costs of customer service (staff time, consumables)

Project description

All the needs of the medical center were difficult to implement within the framework of one project, therefore it was decided to divide the project of digital transformation into a sequence of projects and manage them as a program. For each project, two project managers were assigned – one from LineUp, the second one from the client. The program was managed by the client’s CTO with the support of the program manager from our side. At the initial stage of the program implementation, a consolidated schedule for the implementation of all projects was developed, necessary labor resources were identified, and a communications plan was drawn up.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.
As a result of our cooperation, a number of products, described below, have been developed, which significantly improve and simplify the process of interaction between customers and the clinic, and allow the management of Odrex Medical Center to implement a strategic business development plan.

Data Processing Server

It implements integration with the main clinical management system, ensures the operation of all customer care services.


Allows the managers and employees of the clinic to manage the users and content of the developed web and mobile application for patients, and also view statistics and analytics.

iOS and Android mobile apps for patients

Allows patients to make an appointment, get medical advice, conduct online diagnostics, pay for clinic services. Also in the application are implemented: notification of news, promotions and events; catalog of services and specialists; viewing the schedule of work of doctors and equipment, results of analyzes, order history.

Web application for patients

The patient’s personal account, which is synchronized with the mobile application, and allows to perform all the operations available in the mobile application.

Online chat with a support staff member

Allows the patient to conduct a text dialogue with the clinic support staff, and also initiate the call directly in the browser.

Technology stack


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