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About project

Our client, real estate agency “AVERS”, is one of the largest and most experienced real estate companies in Ukraine. The real estate agency has been engaged in providing a full range of professional real estate services for the purchase and sale of apartments, houses, and plots since 1993, has branches in several cities of Ukraine, and has more than 200 employees in-house.

Business challenge

With the penetration of modern information technology into all spheres of business, the real estate agency has felt an urgent need to increase the efficiency of its activities by automating its business processes and developing the enterprise software. According to the management team of the real estate agency, this should lead to an improvement in the quality of the services provided, a reduction in the time spent preparing and processing various documents, searching for and processing of the needed information, reducing the “opacity” of what is happening in the company, and as a result, to increase the net profit by increasing sales and cutting costs. Therefore, the following tasks were set before our team:

completely rework the corporate website

develop a full-fledged CRM system
provide employees with access to the corporate information system both through the web interface and through the mobile application
develop a chatbot for popular instant messengers

Project description

For effective implementation of the project, we organized a working group responsible for the project management and decision-making.

It included members of our team, representatives of the management team of the real estate agency, as well as representatives of groups of future users of the corporate information system. The project was divided into three main stages: 1) corporate website; 2) CRM system; 3) mobile application and messengers. The first two stages were decided to start at the same time, the third stage – only after delivering 80% of the functionality of the second stage to the customer. For the first and third stages, it was stipulated to use the traditional waterfall approach, for the second – agile. At the preparatory stage, the work was carried out to survey the business processes of the real estate agency, identify the needs of users, develop the concept of the corporate information system and prepare a detailed requirements specification with the design for the corporate website, and backlog for the CRM system. Implementation of the project lasted for nearly a year and a half, after which the entire corporate system was transferred to our company for support and further updates.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result,
our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Corporate website of real estate agency

The corporate website developed by us besides the pages with information about the company and its services, news section, list of vacancies, etc., also contains a full-fledged bulletin board on sale of property.
The bulletin board allows users to quickly search and view various apartments, houses and plots, commercial real estate, as well as apartments in new buildings. We have implemented the features of quick adding new property ads to the website by users without registration, ability to communicate with the author of the advertisement, ability to add the selected ads to your favourites, as well as the web-page for calculating the cost of the property. The bulletin board is integrated with the corporate CRM system. To manage the content of the site, an administration panel has been developed based on the CMS Drupal. The corporate website is adapted for use on both monitors and mobile devices.

Real estate CRM system

The features of the CRM system developed by us cover the needs of absolutely all categories of users – director, experts, real estate agents. The system allows to manage the property database and the users of the system, publish instantly to corporate website, advanced search for property on the map, create reports and export them to Excel and PDF, search and merge duplicates, view the history of relationships with customers, view analytics on the client base, view analytics about sales, send properties via email, assign agents to properties, etc. Within the system, the bot is also implemented that collects ads from owners from advertising platforms for future processing. CRM system is integrated with the corporate website, mobile application, and chatbot.

Multifunctional admin panel

The back-office developed by our team allows you to manage registered users, transactions and transactions, STEAM-bots, and support in the following 4 areas: FAQ, Email Support, Bug Report, suggestions for improvements.

Android mobile application

All categories of users registered in the corporate CRM system can also perform his daily activities in the mobile application. Each of them has its own unique functionality, identical to the CRM system.

Chatbot for Viber and Telegram

To expand the channels of interaction between clients and the real estate agency, we have developed the chatbot for the two most popular messengers Viber and Telegram, which allows users to get an instant response about a list of available properties for sale on a number of parameters, form a request for a call from the agency office for consultation, make an application for buying or selling real estate property, sign up to view the property, adding information to the schedule of the realtor in charge of the property.

Client review

Initially, we just wanted to improve the corporate site existing at that time and could not even imagine that our cooperation would last for several years. During our cooperation, LineUp has established itself not only as a responsible performer able to solve the most difficult tasks but also as a true partner who is always trying to help, suggesting how best, instead of blindly following the client’s requirements. I can say with certainty that by applying to the company’s services, you will certainly get a high level of service, an established communication process, and competent project management, together with a team of high-quality software engineers.

Alexey Spytsa

Founder and CEO, real estate agency “Avers”

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