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Online service for booking villas in Bali

Client Background

Our client is a group of entrepreneurs from Moscow, Russia, owning property all over the world. As part of the development of their own business, the client wanted to buy several villas on the island of Bali and rent them out to tourists from around the world. To keep up with the times the client wanted to arrange the rental of villas and receiving money for accommodation through a modern online service.

Business challenge

The portal being developed was oriented first of all to wealthy clients from Moscow and Europe, who were looking for a middle-price accommodation in Bali. Therefore the client, having addressed to us, has specified the following requirements for the final product:

Adaptive design and support for two languages
Quick search and convenient booking form for available villas
Possibility to pay online with the credit card
Detailed page about the villa (description, photo gallery, facilities, cost of living, location on the island map)
User account to view the booking history and cancel of the existing reservations
Back-office for management of users and site content

Project description

At the request of the client for the implementation of the project, we used the waterfall model of the development process. Our design team, consisting of a business analyst and a UI/UX consultant, together with customer representatives, identified the requirements for the product and developed a detailed requirements specification, including the design of the user interface. After this, the development team was able to quickly implement the service, test it and put it online for users to use.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Online service for booking villas in Bali

We have created a unique platform using modern standards of UX, UI, and IA. The audience of the site and the behavioral factors on the basis of which the user interface has been implemented were thoroughly studied. The uniform style of all elements, convenient menu and navigation enhance the effectiveness of the platform and keep the target audience.
The site is adapted for use on monitors with standard and high resolution, as well as modern smartphones and tablets.

Administration Panel for site management

The administration panel developed by us allows to manage registered users, edit site content (add, delete and edit villa information), track the status of villa reservations, and view various financial analytics and generate customized reports.

Technology stack

Angular JS

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