Cash Transfer

Cash Transfer


System of non-cash money transfers for the countries of the African continent

Client Background

Our client is a software product development company that develops and implements new information technologies in Africa. The company has a small own software development center, so for the implementation of this project, they turned to LineUp for consulting. This project was the key product being developed by the company for the next few years and was created to meet the growing demand for a simple and convenient solution for non-cash money transfers between Africans.

Business challenge

Due to the development of the economy and the quality of life of the population in Africa, there has occurred an urgent need for information technologies that would simplify financial relations between people. Should also be mentioned that many people in other countries of the world felt the need for a simple and convenient solution for the money transfer to their relatives in Africa. All existing money transfer systems offered a high commission for their services and inconvenient procedures for sending and receiving money. Therefore, our client decided to develop his own software product, a money transfer system, with a low commission, convenient mechanism for input-output of money and the absence of the need for physical presence in a bank or other financial institution.

Project description

Since the product being developed was intended for a wide range of users from all over the world, the first stage of the project was UI/UX consulting. As a result of this stage, style guides and sketches for all screens of the mobile application were developed. After that, a working prototype of the mobile application was developed to test some hypotheses on user interaction with the application. Review of the prototype allowed to complete the design of the application. Ultimately, the design of the mobile application was so successful that it turned out to be the best project of the month in the category “Interaction” on the popular service.
After the prototype of the mobile application was approved by the client, the requirements specification for the entire system was developed. The specification described the requirements for the mobile and web application for users, as well as for the back office for managing the entire platform. Before the launch of the platform development, considerable time was devoted to its technical design, in particular to the design of a scalable microservice software architecture and integration with payment and banking systems to ensure transactions of input and output of money.
Despite the high level of specification of the system requirements, an agile development methodology with two-week sprints was used to implement the project. The use of an agile approach (namely Scrum) eventually allowed to deliver the MVP of the platform to the client after six months of development and attract the first users to the platform. Positive feedback from users and the increase in their number allowed to expand the team and release the first production ready version of the platform after another six months of development.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Transaction and security server of payment system

The developed money transfer platform allows to operate in a real time mode with a large number of concurrently executed transactions. The platform allows the safe two-way exchange of information about bank cards and user IDs in the form of mobile phone number, email or account within the platform. In addition, an API was developed, whereby any bank can connect to the service.

The technical solution is horizontally scalable. The architecture of the platform allows you to quickly develop transactional services, because the database and application server are located in a single address space. The service runs in the secure cloud infrastructure of Amazon AWS.

Web application (front-office) for users

The developed solution provides the ability to make money transfers both to user’s bank cards and to their accounts within the platform. Transfers are available through various identifiers: mobile phone number, email, account within the platform. At the same time, it is not necessary to know the number of the recipient’s bank card.

Transfers and placement of money are possible in various currencies, with the possibility of converting into the desired currency. The user has the ability to bind their bank cards to the account, with the ability to configure automatic enrollment of subsequent transfers either to the bank card or to the internal account.

Back Office for platform management

The developed back-office allows you to manage all the content of the platform, as well as all users. Implemented a system of advanced visual analytics with the ability to generate custom reports. The Google Analytics web analytics service is connected.

Cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android platforms

The developed mobile application has a convenient user interface, which allows you to transfer money to other users of the platform in the minimum amount of clicks. The application implements all the functionality available in the web application, as well as an advanced notification system.

Client review

To implement this complex innovation project, we turned to the LineUp team because of their successful experience working with many clients from the African continent. A significant factor in favor of LineUp when choosing as a partner was also the presence in their staff of professional managers, native French speakers. These features have allowed us to effectively build the communication process and accelerate the development of our product. Besides, I want to note the professionalism of the design team, which managed to exceed our expectations from the UI/UX of the product. The development team also worked at a high level and delivered a solution at the right time that fully met our requirements. At the moment we are continuing our cooperation in the development of this product and are considering options for expanding interaction in many areas.

Khassoum Wone


Technology stack

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Amazon AWS
Angular JS

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