Travel online platform that provides information on destinations and activities and therefore connects Travellers who seek out new inspirations and experiences with Best Operators across the globe

Client Background

Our client is an American startup, who intended to bring innovation to the world of travel. Founders of the start-up, having previous successful experience in conducting tourism business, decided to create a search platform-aggregator, uniting travelers and tour operators around the world.

Business challenge

The travel online platform being developed was oriented first of all to wealthy clients from the USA and Europe, who were looking for premium tours and trips all over the world. Therefore the client, having addressed to us, has specified the following requirements to which the final product must necessarily correspond:
Bright colorful adaptive design
Detailed tour card (description, duration, route, tour program, etc.)
Quick search of tours on a large number of parameters
Easy navigation and operation of the search results
Support more than 50,000 users online
Integration with more than 100 third-party sites and travel services

Project description

To implement this project, we used the Scrum methodology with two-week sprint. In the first two sprints, we developed the design and corporate style of all pages and elements of the platform. Afterward, using the MVC (Model-View-Controller), pattern the main features of the system were implemented. Considerable attention was devoted to load testing of the platform as well as to the development and testing of the integration module, in the form of an API interface that is customizable via the admin panel, to manage interaction with other tourist sites and web services.

Value delivered

The project resulted in a travel online platform with a simple and user-friendly functionality for travelers implementing:
Search of tours
Filtering your search results
Display of detailed information about the tour, including: photo, video, description, availability calendar, dynamic price list and other
Possibility of booking and paying for the tour

The platform is adapted for use on monitors with standard and high resolution, as well as modern smartphones and tablets.

A few days after the project was completed, the first tour operator was already connected to the platform and obtained the first users online.

Technology stack

amazon (1)
Amazon EC2

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