Food Club

Food club


Food delivery portal which enables people to order food online from thousands
of international & local delivery restaurants in the UAE from your nearby locations

Client Background

Our client is a group of entrepreneurs from Dubai, UAE who wanted to make a revolution in ordering and delivering food in their country, having developed the best in the country portal that unites thousands of local restaurants.

Business challenge

The travel online platform being developed was oriented first of all to wealthy clients from the USA and Europe, who were looking for premium tours and trips all over the world. Therefore the client, having addressed to us, has specified the following requirements to which the final product must necessarily correspond:
Portal user interface must be adaptive and correctly displayed on various smartphones, tablets and monitors
Convenient and fast way to order and pay for food
Possibility of ordering and paying for food without registration
Support for English and Arabic
Personal user space for both customers and restaurants
Convenient administration panel for managing users and restaurants
Mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms that duplicate portal functionality

Project description

To ensure fast product launch, LineUp team first concentrated its efforts on the MVP of the portal with the simplest and fastest form of ordering and paying for food. At the same time, agreements were reached with the first restaurants, which made it possible to attract the first customers. Having received feedback from the first customers and restaurants, our team together with representatives of the client prioritized the needs of portal users and developed a road map for the implementation of the project for the next six months. The working version of the portal with the updated functionality was released by us every 2 weeks. For half a year of work on the portal we managed to realize all the primary requirements of the client and attract more than 1,000 restaurants to the portal.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result,
our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Food delivery portal

We have developed the best portal in UAE to order hassle-free food online because we have invented the convenient way of ordering food, desert, & cuisine to satisfy customers hunger anytime anywhere at few clicks away.

An easy search function with options to search by area, cuisine or food type
A review system to gather trusted opinions on local and new restaurants
Guest ordering and customizable ordering
Options for immediate delivery, reordering and pre-orders for a later time or date
Personal account for customers and restaurants with rich analytics
A points-based reward scheme and a monthly giveaway to three randomly selected users

iOS and Android mobile app

In order to manage Food Club’s customers’ orders efficiently – accept, decline & receive orders at the touch of a screen, we have developed two native mobile applications, that allow:

Quick access to all orders placed through FoodClub

Analytic tools to monitor progress and orders
Marketing advice and promotions to keep customers coming back
Option to accept, decline and delay orders placed
Continuous support from the Food Club team to promote your menu
Easy profile set-up and assistance

Back-office for managing users and restaurants

The back-office developed by us allows to manage registered users and restaurants, edit the content of the portal and mobile application, chat with users, track the status of orders, and view various financial analytics and generate customized reports.

Technology stack

amazon (1)
Amazon EC2

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