Mobile application for the GPS tracking of employees of the military and law enforcement bodies, and management of the training bases of military and police units.

Client Background

Our client is a high-tech company that manufactures equipment for laser tag arenas. As part of the development of the new direction “Military”, the client wanted to develop software for a new type of equipment used at training bases of military and police units. The developed set of equipment should be installed on weapon mock-ups, flak jackets, military equipment and allow real-time monitoring of the movement of soldiers and equipment, as well as all the actions they perform – shots, injuries, recharging and so on.

Business Challenge

When the client appealed to us, he put before us a number of very stringent requirements that must have been met during the implementation of the project.

Delivery of project results within 2 months, within the limited budget due to the already approved date of presentation of the prototype system to the military representatives of NATO and the Ukrainian army

The system being developed must operate smoothly in real time and process up to 10,000 events per second

The need for the physical presence of the development team at the Customer’s production for close interaction with the department of embedded systems development

Strict maintenance of confidentiality and safety of intellectual property of the client

Project Description

To overcome the difficulty with the lack of a ready prototype equipment at the first stage of the project implementation, a flexible architecture of the application interaction protocols with the developed equipment was developed. The whole development team was transported and placed in the client’s office for maximum effective interaction with the client’s team. To meet the tight deadlines for the delivery of the ready solution, we were forced to apply a flexible approach to development and reduce the traditional frequency of releases to 3-5 days. This ultimately allowed us to deliver the product to the client in the previously agreed terms.

Value delivered

Mobile application

The main functionality of the application implements GPS tracking of combat units on pre-established realistic ranges. Movement of fighters is illustrated on the Android tablet in real time due to the special GPS modules installed in each set of equipment.
The application displays the displacement vector and location of each fighter. All data is stored in the archive, so after the end of the training battle, the commander can view the records of movements on the map and conduct analytical work.

The application includes:

Convenient addition of new polygons with reference to real coordinates

Minimum delay of information from the occurrence of the event to its display
Convenient design of units

Detailed logging and full log analytics after the end of the battle

Generation of reports including video illustrations using SVG animation
High level of data transmission security

Successful market launch of the product and its further development

The developed product has been successfully tested and presented to interested persons, and is currently being used in real conditions for training fighters and command of the Ukrainian army. And also exported abroad.

At the moment, our team is developing the product together with invited experts from the United States. As part of the project development, it is planned to expand the functionality and add new types of machinery and equipment.

Technology stack

Dagger 2

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