Corporate website for the real estate agency with the built-in bulletin board and personal user account

Client Background

Our client, real estate agency “Gorod”, founded in 1994, is one of the first companies officially operating in the real estate market of Ukraine. Today, real estate agency “Gorod” is the largest real estate company in Ukraine with more than 300 real estate agents in-house, occupying a leading position in the real estate market due to the correctly chosen strategy, high quality of services provided and professional team of leading property market specialists. The company provides its clients with a full range of professional services for buying, selling and renting residential and commercial real estate property, carrying out complex commercial transactions with various types of real estate properties in case of need.

Business challenge

The current version of the corporate website of the real estate agency was developed more than 3 years ago and since then has not undergone significant changes in design and structure, but has acquired a huge amount of secondary content placed on the website. Lack of website adaptability for mobile devices, outdated design and poor usability in the last year led to a significant decrease in the total number of visitors, a decrease in their time on the website and, as a result, to a decrease in conversion, which affected the company’s income. Therefore, turning to us, the client wanted to completely rework the existing UI and UX functionality of the corporate website and add it with new features.

Project description

The main difficulties of implementing the project, which we faced and had to overcome, were the large size of the website (more than 100 unique pages), tight deadlines and a heavy workload of customer representatives for frequent verification and acceptance of intermediate project results. Therefore, as agreed by the parties, we decided to work out in detail the user interface of the new corporate website and only after that start the development.
At the preliminary stage of the project, we gathered together the design team, which collected information about the product, the customer, its competitors and analogs, as well as collected statistics on the use of the current user interface of the corporate website. Based on the conducted research, all user scenarios were described. Next, we developed the user interface structure, defined the future stylistics, prototyped the UI and developed a design concept with 3 main screens. After the design concept was approved by the customer, all other screens were decorated and video clips showing the animation of the user interface were prepared.
To help the developers, the design team prepared for them all the necessary materials: sprites, the fonts used on the website with all the icons, and the UI Kit with repeating interface elements and their states.
We divided the whole development stage into a sequence of 4-week sprints to enlarge the delivery results of each sprint. Throughout the project, both the design team and the development team were accompanied by an experienced SEO specialist, who ensured that the transition to a new site would happen without losing positions in search results.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Corporate website of real estate agency

Completely redesigned corporate website of the real estate agency has retained a common stylistic similarity with the previous design, in order to ensure brand recognition of the company for customers. The site is adapted for use on both monitors with different resolutions, and mobile devices and tablets. The content of the website was completely restructured, all website sections were reworked and navigation was improved. We have made the emphasis on the basic user functions on the sale, purchase and rent of various types of real estate property. All minor user functions are rendered in separate elements of the main menu. The possibility of guest publishing an advertisement without registration has been removed. A user’s personal account has been developed that allows to publish own ads on the sale of real estate property, save real estate ads to favourites, and compare selected properties on a number of parameters.

Bulletin board of the real estate

The developed bulletin board provides access to an extensive database of more than 70,000 real estate ads for the sale, purchase, and rent of apartments, houses and commercial properties. The function of the advanced search for real estate property by a large number of parameters (property number, type of property, cost, number of storeys, area, state of repairs, etc.) with the possibility to choose the location of the property on the map was implemented. Search results can be displayed in the form of a list, a table, as well as markers on the map and sorted by 16 parameters. The value of any property is automatically recalculated into three currencies at the current rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. For easy browsing and searching, a list of active filters is always displayed.

The real estate property card contains a large number of its various characteristics, including the location on the map. For each property are implemented the ability to leave a request for viewing, contact the author of the ad, and offer own price. Also, an intelligent algorithm for displaying similar real estate ads to the user is implemented.

Site Control Panel

The developed control panel allows admin to manage all the contents of the website, including the bulletin board, as well as all registered users. Implemented a system of advanced visual analytics with the ability to generate custom reports. Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica web analytics services are connected.

Client review

I decided to apply for the services of the LineUp company because I really liked the results of the work that they did for one of my competitors, the real estate agency Avers. We are the leader of the real estate market of Ukraine and must constantly meet this title. Therefore, I put before LineUp team the complex and ambitious tasks, which were to be performed in a short time. And they coped, did everything right and even surpassed my expectations. I especially liked the maturity of the project management process in the company – I was always aware of what was happening, my requests were processed in the shortest time, we followed the plan clearly. I am sure that this is not our last joint project.

Sergey Shkilev

Founder and CEO, real estate agency “Gorod”

Technology stack

Angular JS

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