The global marketplace for buying and selling gaming items from the all existing online games.

Client Background

Our client is a beginning technological startup from the USA, whose goal was to create a unique global platform that allows developers, gamers, and entrepreneurs to evaluate, buy and sell gaming items. The company planned to receive the basic income at the expense of the commission from operations of purchase and sale within a platform.

Business challenge

When the client turned to us he had only a general idea
of ​​the future platform with its main features:

Minimum commission for the purchase and sale operations
among all existing analogs

Unique bright thematic design with carefully thought-out animation of individual elements
The simplest and most intuitive procedure for putting up game content for sale and its subsequent sale

Availability of advanced analytics with extensive
customization capabilities

Flexible architecture, allowing to scale the project without
essential changes

At the same time, the client wanted to release the first version of the platform as soon as possible in order to get the first users.

Project description

To implement the client’s ambitious ideas, develop and launch a new product, the LineUp team used the Lean.

At the start of the project, together with the leaders of the start-up, several strategic sessions were conducted to generalize the hypotheses in the form of a Business Model Canvas, with further hypothesis testing and feedback analysis. The agile product development method allowed our team to create a successful minimally viable product in 3 months and to attract the first sellers and buyers to the platform. This allowed expanding the development team twice and subsequently to release a significantly improved version of the platform.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result,
our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Marketplace of gaming content

We have created a unique platform using modern standards of UX, UI, and IA. The audience of the site and the behavioral factors on the basis of which the user interface has been implemented were thoroughly studied. The uniform style of all elements, convenient menu and navigation enhance the effectiveness of the platform and keep the target audience.

Possibility of buying and selling in any currency

Payment systems integrated into the platform provide users with the ability to purchase and sell gaming content in any currency (including cryptocurrency), at any time of the day with minimal transaction costs.

Multifunctional Admin Panel

The back-office developed by our team allows you to manage registered users, deals and transactions, STEAM-bots, and provide support in the following 4 areas: FAQ, Email Support, Bug Report, Suggestions for improvements.

Unlimited Scalability

The system has been developed using modern and flexible technologies, which allows for simple and quick upgrades and endless growth opportunities. The new features are easily added and distributed within every new build.

Technology stack


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