Mobile application for communication between public catering establishments and their visitors

Client Background

Our client, an entrepreneur from Minsk, wanted to create a new product for public catering establishments. The client for a long time has worked in the hotel and restaurant business. He was well aware of the problems of communication and feedback of such establishments and clients and knew the possible solutions to them.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a communication product that benefited to visitors to restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as to their owners and administrators. For visitors, the product should enable the communication with other visitors in the same establishment, as well as the ability to read the available messages within other establishments. For the administration and owners of establishments the product was to ensure:

Improving the service and menu by getting feedback from visitors about the establishment in real time and analyzing their behavior

Notification of visitors about news and events
The growth of the real customer base and the growth of subscribers in social networks
At the same time, the client wanted to simultaneously release several versions of the product, in order to test variations in key functions at a number of partner establishments.

Project Description

The main difficulty faced by the LineUp team in the implementation of the project was the constant desire of the client to improve the functional and user experience component of the product. Despite the deep knowledge of the domain, the client could not decide which of the solutions for individual application functions will be in demand among future users. Therefore, for the successful implementation of the project, we used a hybrid development methodology. To develop the basic functions of the application, we used the waterfall model, and for the rest of the functionality – Scrum. In order to shorten the product’s time to market, for the implementation of non-basic functions we divided the original team into two, each of which was engaged in its version of the product.

Value delivered

Mobile application for visitors on the iOS platform that implements the following functions:

Authorization through social networks
Interactive map of establishments with the ability to search by name or location
Establishment page with detailed description
Messenger for communication between users
Chat with the administrators of the establishment

Back-office for administrators of establishments: add / edit information about the establishment, moderation of chats, user management, statistics and analytics of the establishment.

Back-office for the application administrator: administration of establishments, analytics and statistics on establishment and users of the application

Technology stack


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