Real estate professional ads portal of all information
on the sold and rented property in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

Client Background

Our client is a public organization, Kharkiv Realtors’ Club, uniting 92 real estate agencies, which is 90% of realtors of Kharkiv and the region. The goals and objectives of this community were to create a comfortable environment and modern tools for the work of realtors, as well as protection of their interests.

Business challenge

The main problem of our clients’ business was high costs for payment of services of the existing advertising platforms and bulletin boards. To keep the sales volume at a stable level, each real estate agency had to spend more and more money to pay for the services of placing ads on various web resources. Therefore, members of the real estate community decided to invest in the development of their own product, which would take into account the interests of realtors, real estate agencies, buyers, and sellers. In addition, there was a need for an orderly exchange of information between agencies. Thus, the product being developed should provide:

Multiple listing service (MLS) system to see one another’s listings of properties for sale

Information about unscrupulous agents and clients
Common database of real property objects
Convenient platform for information exchange

Project description

At the start of the project, we conducted a detailed analysis of the subject area and the existing competing products for the development and harmonization of the basic characteristics of our own. Already at this stage, the LineUp team faced a serious challenge that affected the project – a huge number of stakeholders (directors of dozens of real estate agencies), each with its own vision of the characteristics of the product being developed. Therefore, in order to reduce the decision-making process and reduce the volume of communications we conducted several strategic sessions, where the main characteristics of the future product were jointly formulated, and a working group of 5 representatives of the real estate community was created and authorized to make decisions on its behalf.

To implement the project, an agile development methodology was used. The entire project was divided into several related subprojects and managed as a program. In parallel, an active advertising campaign was launched to attract the first users to the portal.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Property sale and rental portal

Thanks to the developed solution buyers and sellers of real estate no longer need to contact dozens of sites in order to obtain the necessary information. The portal is automatically filled with unique content from all real estate agencies and all sellers of real estate. For the real estate market participants the following opportunities are provided on the portal:
Registration of users, agencies and their agents
Database of property from owners and agencies
Personal account for realtor to work with own ads and portal resources
Searching and placing ads on the portal
Multiple listing service (MLS) system
Effective advertising

Back-office for portal management

For effective management of the portal, the personal administrator’s account was developed, as well as the personal account for the director of the real estate agency. The agency director can manage all agency agents, generate various reports and view agent analytics. The portal administrator manages all users and content of the portal.

iOS and Android mobile app

The application operates with all categories of users registered through the portal – buyers and sellers of property, agents, agency directors, administrator. Each of them has its own unique functionality, identical to the portal.

Integration services with third-party resources

The developed services allowed to integrate the portal with information systems of dozens of real estate agencies, with various messengers, as well as ads boards for the sale and rent of property.

Client review

We turned to LineUp for the development of this complex product because of their many years of successful experience in implementing projects for leading real estate agencies in Kharkiv and Ukraine. Thanks to a deep understanding of the subject area, professional approach, understanding of our needs and flexibility in decision-making, the company’s specialists managed to develop a product that fully meets our requirements and expectations. I am fully confident that software engineers, analysts, designers and QA engineers of LineUp deserve the highest mark for the work done. After the end of the project, we continued our cooperation with LineUp on product development. I am confident that our cooperation will soon give the community of realtors many new, interesting and most importantly useful products.

Nikita Panin


Technology stack

Angular JS
amazon (1)
Amazon EC2

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