SaaS platform for test automation of the application programming interface (API)

Client Background

Our client is the young New Zealand IT company Uber IT, which develops web, mobile and desktop applications. Possessing technical knowledge, understanding the actual needs of the IT technology market, but without having the necessary staff of qualified developers, the client turned to us for help in implementing his first innovative startup.

Business challenge

One of the most important stages in the software development process is thorough testing of all components of a future product. The requirements for speed and quality of testing are constantly growing, but at the same time a large number of operations are still performed manually. Therefore, businesses often have to increase the size of the testing team in order to speed up the development, which entails an increase in total workload and project costs. The startup project of our client was supposed to be a solution to this problem, by automating the testing process of web applications. The developed solution should have allowed to fully automate the testing process, conduct testing of several web applications or their components simultaneously, 24/7, reduce time and money spent on this process and improve its quality by eliminating the human factor.

Project description

The technical director of Uber IT was the owner of the product. The development was divided between our team and the customer team. Given the 10 hour time difference between Kharkiv and Wellington, the rules of engagement were approved jointly, at which meetings were held 2 times a day – early in the morning and late in the evening. Thus, coordinated work on the project was carried out 16 hours a day – while one team was working, the other was resting and vice versa. The project was severely limited in terms of implementation, because should have been presented at the International Investor Conference for startup projects in Sydney, Australia. The most important factor in the success of the project was the use of agile approach to development, which made it possible to successfully complete the project, having sustained a predetermined release date.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

SaaS platform for test automation of the application programming interface (API)

The platform allows real-time creation of test sets, as well as a set of sets for testing specific or full functionality of the developed applications. The great value of the service is betrayed by its versatility and the ability to create your own unique parameters and test scripts. Each test consists of a set of requests that it must call to be considered successful. The test set is able to launch requests in the queuing mode (if a launch sequence is needed to solve a business problem) and in parallel mode to speed up the receipt of test results.
The system supports a set of sequences, in the case when it is necessary to send different data for each request. The ability to set the schedule for launching test sets, accompanied by real time notifications, to get the status of the test without reloading the page has been developed. Each run of the test set is stored on the service with a full copy of the original parameters, which makes it possible to track the history of API changes and find errors, if any.

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