Crepes delivery

Crepes delivery


Web and mobile app for pancake delivery service

Client Background

Our client is the restaurateur Mario Matthey from Payerne, Switzerland. Having got successful experience in the restaurant business and several successfully functioning restaurants, he decided to open a new establishment – a pancake house with the ability to order online and delivering orders to the door.

Business challenge

Our client paid attention to the fast-growing market for food home delivery and decided to create his own pancake delivery service. The delivery service that was being created was to be the first establishment of this kind in the municipality of Payerne and to further expand the geography of its delivery to the surrounding districts of the canton of Vaud. To take benefits of its competitive advantage, the client wanted to implement the project as quickly as possible and immediately for all the most popular platforms – web, iOS and Android. At the same time, the developed solution was to automate the entire business process Order -> Cooking -> Delivery, combine several user roles, make their interaction as simple and convenient as possible, and minimize the involvement of the administrator processing orders. In addition, the client wanted the administration panel to be accessible and understandable for a person who had not previously dealt with IT solutions.

Project description

The main difficulty faced by the LineUp team in the implementation of the project was the very short deadlines for the delivery of a working system since the client had already planned a grand opening on a certain date. At the same time, in the requirements specification provided by the client, there was only a superficial description of the main features of the system and the client did not have time for its general improvement. Thanks to the previously gained experience in developing a more complex system of this class, we were able to develop a user interface design in a very short time, coordinate it with the client and plan the development of the system in short one-week iterations. The use of the agile approach to software development with a weekly demonstration of the working functionality to the client made it possible to avoid potential risks and complete the project within the stipulated time frame.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

The complex solution developed by us provides simple interaction between 3 main user roles: a customer, cook and courier, and also provides convenient means of monitoring of all the operations for the administrator. Thanks to the well-thought-out UX component of the system, we were able to completely eliminate the role of the operator processing orders from the business process and thereby reduce the costs of the delivery service. The entire system consists of the following components: a web and mobile application on iOS and Android platforms for the customer; separate Android application for tablets for a cook and a courier; a back office for an administrator.

Web application

Using the web application, any customer can browse the menu and select the right dish, indicating the number of servings and various ingredients. Then, place an order in the shopping cart, select the day and time of delivery, as well as the type of payment. To pay for the order, the user can use PayPal or PostFinance. Ordering online takes less than one minute. We have implemented a notification system (by mail, mobile phone, and mobile application) about the status of the order, thanks to which the buyer knows that the order has already been accepted / transferred to the chef / given to the courier and will soon be delivered.

Mobile application for customer, cook, and courier

The mobile application for the customer completely repeats the functionality of the web application. The mobile application for the cook / courier allows to view information about the orders assigned to them and change the status of the order, after completing the corresponding operations for preparing / delivering the order to the customer.


The back office developed by us allows the administrator to: keep records and manage all types of users of the system (customers, cooks, couriers); manage the product catalog on the site; monitor and control the entire order fulfillment process; moderate customer reviews; generate financial statements and view sales analytics.

Technology stack

Angular JS

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