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Client Background

Our client – Start up entrepreneurs, two brothers from the city of Paris, France. With 3 years of experience in the US cinema, the brothers came up with the idea of ​​learning English and improving their skills with the help of licensed video and audio content from Disney, Pixar, and so on. According to the brothers, their methodology can diversify the standard ways of learning a foreign language and is designed to increase the interest of young people in self-development and education in general. The brothers’ plans are to popularize this method and introduce it into the secondary school curriculum in the countries of the European Union.

Business challenge

The developed application is focused primarily on high school students of the European Union. That is, the main target audience is teenagers, from 14 to 18 years. In this regard, the client announced a number of mandatory requirements that must be met by the developed applications: youthful, minimalistic design emphasis on gamification – users must earn points, get new levels, be able to exchange points for real gifts fast navigation and easy search for video content of any genre the possibility of repeated passing tests, in order to better assimilate the studied material Play only licensed, encrypted video and audio content from Disney and Pixar integration with the online store, to exchange earned points for prizes and gifts.

Project description

The Kanban methodology was used to manage the project development process, since the project had an established release date and subsequent presentations to clients.
At the time of the development of mobile applications, the back-end developer on the client side had designed the database and was developing the Web version of the future product. For the most effective work on the project, the LineUp team prepared a document with requirements for the API interface, which served as the basis for its development and made it possible to avoid misunderstandings. The next important step for the team was the implementation of a video player in the application with the ability to decrypt licensed DRM content, which the team successfully coped with. The final stage of development was the process of integrating the application with the online gift store and establishing interaction between all components of the product.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Mobile online service for learning English

The mobile application developed by us is a modern tool for learning a foreign language, through viewing licensed video content, as well as passing tests for knowledge of grammar. Each user can easily find the video content he is interested in, watch it as many times as he sees fit, take tests for learning grammar, earn points and exchange them for gifts.

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