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Client Background

Our client is a real estate agency “Metrag”, founded on May 1, 2015 by a team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in real estate. Currently, the Agency provides services for the purchase, sale, and lease of all types of real estate properties in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. Today, there are a number of branches in various districts of the city of Kharkiv, which as quickly and efficiently as possible help clients in any real estate operations. Due to the wide choice of real estate, the Agency can offer each client the optimal solution to their housing problem.

Business challenge

The current version of the corporate website of the real estate agency was developed more than 3 years ago and since then has not undergone significant changes in design and structure. Since the foundation of the company, in parallel with the site, the database of real estate objects has also been developed and filled, which consisted of more than 15,000 objects. However, the lack of integration between the site and the real estate database, with the growth of the latter, made it impossible to timely and correctly update the information on the site due to the constant need to perform the same actions to add, edit and delete properties both on the site and in the database . These problems and the transition of competing real estate agencies “completely online” demanded that the executives of the Agency should take urgent measures to digital transformation of their business in order to increase their competitiveness in the market.

Project description

The client contacted us with the ready UI/UX design of the agency’s future corporate website. Also, due to budget constraints, the client did not want to transfer the existing database of real estate properties to a new technology stack, wanted to keep everything “as is”, but at the same time add some functionality. First of all, our team of technical specialists conducted a research and analysis of the existing business processes of the back office of the real estate agency in order to identify in advance the subsequent difficulties of the technical implementation of the solution imposed by the design and requirements of the client. After that, together with the representatives of the customer, we adjusted the design and developed a phased migration plan from the old information system to the new one, which would not affect the continuity of the work of the agency.
Using our previous long-term successful experience in implementing similar projects for large real estate agencies in Ukraine, at the first stage of the project we developed a scalable solution architecture and only then moved on to the implementation of the individual features of the system. This made it possible to significantly reduce the estimated duration of the whole project and two months later the customer was able to launch a new version of the corporate information system into test operation. After two weeks of user testing, complaints fixing and improvements, the corporate system was put into commercial operation.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Corporate website of real estate agency with the built-in bulletin board

The website is adapted for use on both monitors with different resolutions, and mobile devices and tablets. The content of the website was completely restructured, all website sections were reworked and navigation was improved. We have made the emphasis on the basic user functions on the sale, purchase and rent of various types of real estate property. The site has a built-in bulletin board that provides access to an extensive database of property ads for the sale, purchase, and rent of apartments, houses, and commercial real estate.

We have implemented an advanced search of real estate properties by a large number of parameters (type of property, cost in hryvnias or US dollars, location (district, metro, address), number of floors, area, year of construction) with the ability to view the address of the property on the Google map. For each property the user of the site has the ability to leave a request to visit it, contact the author of the ad or report the ad. An intelligent algorithm for showing similar ads to the user is implemented. A separate ability is implemented to view the list of real estate properties managed by each of the agency’s realtors.

Integration with existing database of properties and third-party systems

The bulletin board is fully synchronized with the existing database of real estate properties. For automatic update of the database with new objects, data parsers from existing real estate portals have been developed. For realtors of the agency, the ability to customize information about the property, which is downloaded to the bulletin board, is implemented. The ability of automatic unloading of objects from MLS to the portal is also implemented.

Site Control Panel

The developed control panel allows admin to manage all the contents of the website, including the bulletin board. Implemented a system of advanced visual analytics with the ability to generate custom reports across all the real estate properties, and in the context of a separate realtor of the agency.

Client review

Extensive experience and professionalism in the development of corporate solutions for the real estate industry, competence, responsibility and goodwill of specialists have made cooperation with LineUp pleasant, fruitful and effective. I also want to highlight the demonstrated flexibility, efficiency in resolving all operational issues and interest in the final result. Separately, I express my sincere thanks to all the specialists of the development team for an adequate understanding of the needs of our company and attentive attitude to all of our difficult wishes. This once again demonstrates not only your high professionalism, but also an obvious willingness to work with non-standard tasks. I will be happy to recommend LineUp to anyone who is interested in a reliable and responsible partner for the implementation of IT solutions in their business.

Oksana Alyabieva

Founder and CEO, real estate agency “Metrag”



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