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Client Background

Our client is the bookmaking company Specialbet, which provides an ability to bet on sports events starting from 2017. The company’s founders, an expert group with more than ten years of experience in the gambling industry, decided to create their own online sports betting platform and move their entire business completely online.

Business challenge

Due to the development of the economy and the quality of life of the population in Africa, there has occurred an urgent need for information technologies that would simplify financial relations between people. Should also be mentioned that many people in other countries of the world felt the need for a simple and convenient solution for the money transfer to their relatives in Africa. All existing money transfer systems offered a high commission for their services and inconvenient procedures for sending and receiving money. Therefore, our client decided to develop his own software product, a money transfer system, with a low commission, convenient mechanism for input-output of money and the absence of the need for physical presence in a bank or other financial institution.

Project description

The main difficulty our team faced was the desire of the client to bring the product to the market as quickly as possible. Therefore, a flexible Scrum development methodology with one week sprints was used to implement this project. During the first two sprints, the client’s requirements were worked out, the design and corporate identity of all pages and elements of the site were developed. After that, using the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller), the main functionality of the system was implemented. Thanks to constant feedback from the client, already after 6 sprints we managed to put the system into test operation, and two weeks later – into commercial.

Value delivered

LineUp team addressed all the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

Online Sports Betting Website

The sports betting website developed by us allows any user to place bets both on the outcome of a single event (single bet) and on the outcomes of several events independent of each other (“express”). The user can bet on the events in 6 different sports: football, tennis, basketball, boxing, futsal, ice hockey. For each of the events hundreds of possible outcomes are available for betting. The website allows to place bets both for pre match and live bet.

Each user has his own personal account in which he can: edit his personal information; pass the account verification procedure; view your bet history; replenish your gaming account with Exmo, Qiwi, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard; transfer funds to another user of the site; view the history of their finances; make a withdrawal request.

Within the website, an intelligent algorithm has been implemented for selecting the best coefficients for user-selected outcomes of sports events. This algorithm analyzes the coefficients of the TOP-10 bookmakers in the world in real time and selects the best ones. Users also have the Cashout option – the ability to calculate the rate before its outcome is known. The site has the maximum protection of personal user data from loss, manipulation and illegal access to this data by third parties.

Administration Panel

The administration panel developed by us allows you to: manage users registered on the website; view a list of both active bets and their history; add, edit and delete events for various sports in the line of bets on the website; manage requests for cashout at rates. An advanced financial analytics subsystem has been implemented, which includes a detailed history of all transactions (payments, account replenishment, Cashout, bet results) within the platform, the amount of funds paid to players, the amount of lost funds by players. In case of unforeseen failures, the system provides the ability to manually add/restore transactions. The notifications about new rates, requests for cashout or withdrawal of funds are both in the administration panel and to the email of the administrator.

Client review

To improve business efficiency, we decided to create an online sports betting website. We considered a large number of vendors, and let’s be honest, we spent a lot of time searching for a reliable partner. Many vendors did not suit us with the level of professionalism, many were too overpriced, and it’s not a fact that the quality of the work would suit us. As a result, we settled on LineUp company, which made the most advantageous price and quality offer for us, and also demonstrated deep knowledge of the subject area. They are really professionals in in the field of software engineering. The collaboration went smoothly from the start. We quickly agreed on all the requirements for the solution and developed the design, after which the work went at full speed. As a result, less than two months after the project began, we received a production-ready solution that fully met our requirements.

Jannik Bernd

Co-Founder, Bookmaking company “Specialbet”

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